Are you new to acting or want to brush up your acting skills & techniques?  Maybe you want help with an audition? If you are looking for flexible worldwide 1-2-1 coaching but maybe you`re worried you might be too old or too young?

I promise you that isn`t the case! 


I am offering flexible worldwide 1-2-1 coachings over Zoom for adults & kids (10years+). 

I am also offering 1-2-1 in person coaching for those of you based in Vienna. I teach in either English or German and my work is based on the techniques of Susan Batson & Sandford Meisner.


I can support you in both classic and modern monologues for your theatre or drama school auditions, scripts for self-tapes and even help with character building & analysis. 

For the price list, details and questions please contact me: